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COP27 PODCAST: Manels, mansplaining and Mary Robinson

COP27 PODCAST: Manels, mansplaining and Mary Robinson


The second half of COP27 has begun and there’s uncertainty in the air regarding the progress of negotiations in the packed conference venue. 

Monday saw a focus on two main themes: water and gender. UN officials were at COP to prepare the ground and raise awareness for a major conference on water, due to take place next year, whilst senior leaders pointed out the inadequate representation of women in the climate action space.

Conor and Laura dissect the main events on this busy day, and Mary Robinson, the first woman Irish President and former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, explains why the dandelion should be the symbol for the advancement of women leaders.

Music: Within the Earth, Ketsa

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Audio Credit
UN News/ Conor Lennon
Photo Credit
UNIC Tokyo/Momoko Sato