Face-to-face with evil: Interrogating Adolf Eichmann

9 May 2020

As the world marks 75 years since the defeat of Nazi Germany, one Israeli film-maker has been talking to UN News, about the former police investigator who is the subject of his latest film, which takes us inside the prosecution of the notorious Nazi war criminal, Adolf Eichmann.

Avner Less spent an extraordinary 275 hours interrogating the mastermind of what was known as “The Final Solution”, to exterminate European Jewry, as part of the team, which for nine months painstakingly build the case against Eichmann, ahead of his trial in Jerusalem, in 1961. 

"Bureau 06", as the investigation team was known, is also the name Yoav Halevy’s film.  The chief of UN News's Russian service, Elena Vapnitchnaia, talked to the director back in January, when the film was shown in Vienna.

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Elena Vapnitchnaia
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