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UNcomplicated: Keeping the peace

UNcomplicated: Keeping the peace


New York City spends far more on its fire, police and the prison system than the entire peacekeeping budget of the United Nations.

This is just one of the startling facts uncovered by hosts, Sinduja Srinivasan and Jason DeWall, in the latest episode of Uncomplicated.

They talk to Ken Payumo, Chief of the peacekeeping operations support section of the United Nations Department of Safety and Security, and Nick Birnback, Chief of Strategic Communications at the Department of Peace Operations, and learn more about the challenges faced by peacekeeping staff, keeping millions safe with limited resources.

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Music credits: 'The Veil', by the band Signal and Report, written by Chris Hall and Noah Miller; plus their track, 'Abbey Minor'

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Sinduja Srinivasan and Jason DeWall
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Stephanie Coutrix