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PODCAST: Rebuilding lives after terror in Cameroon

PODCAST: Rebuilding lives after terror in Cameroon


A group of survivors devastated by terrorism in the Lake Chad region of Africa, are taking small steps towards building new lives and livelihoods.

In Cameroon alone, there are some 250,000 internally displaced people and around 100,000 refugees, forced to flee their homes due to a brutal insurgency which was originally led by Boko Haram – it’s now splintered into a number of different extremist Islamist armed groups.

In this West African country, men and women have been taught to produce artisanal goods for sale as a means to boost their meagre incomes. Meanwhile, young people are learning about the dangers of joining radical groups.

In this special edition of our Lid is On Podcast, Daniel Dickinson reports from Maroua in the Far North region of the country.

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Daniel Dickinson, UN News
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UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe