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Cameroon’s ‘place of terror’ now a ‘land of hope’

Cameroon’s ‘place of terror’ now a ‘land of hope’


A dusty, dry and conflict-affected area in the Far North region of Cameroon has been turned into a “land of hope” according to a mentor for people displaced by the activities of terrorists in the West African country.

The small plot of land next to Kourgui town was once a no-go area due to the presence of militia associated with the outlawed Boko Haram group. Now it has been transformed by local and internally displaced people into a productive garden providing food to the community and an income to the participants.

Ibrahim Djagra supports the internally displaced people in the garden, which has been funded in part by the UN Development Programme.

He spoke to UN News’ Daniel Dickinson as the harvest of fruit and vegetables took place.

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Daniel Dickinson, UN News
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