Theatre provides persons with disabilities key emotional outlet

9 December 2017

Theatre, music, and other creative forms of artistic expression are a big help for persons with disabilities who may struggle to express their inner-most emotions.

That’s one of the ideas that motivated Dario D’Ambrosi to bring a version of the ancient Greek tragedy, Medea, to the United Nations in New York, on the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

His choice of the mythical story – where Medea kills her own children as an act of revenge - allows performers to give voice to healthy expressions of fear, anger, and other negative feelings, said Mr D’Ambrosi.

The Permanent Mission of Italy, played a key role in bringing the event to the UN, due in part to the country’s pioneering role in terms of mental health.

In 1978, Italy became the first country to close its network of mental hospitals, on the grounds that they isolated and segregated the mentally-ill.

Agnese Pastorino caught up with Dario D’Ambrosi after the performance.

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