Poverty, terrorism, UN reform figure high on agenda of 3rd day of World Summit

Calls for bold action against poverty, steadfast steps against terrorism and a determined push for United Nations reform rang through the General Assembly Hall today as presidents, prime ministers and a king took the podium on the third and final day of the 2005 World Summit.

Liberia submits record number of treaty actions at World Summit event

Liberia effectively endorsed 103 international treaties this afternoon – more than any State has ever done at one time – on issues ranging from human rights to international trade, as world leaders continue to sign, ratify and accede to legal instruments at the World Summit, following the invitation of United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

UN World Summit adopts landmark outcome document on raft of crucial issues

Culminating the largest-ever gathering of world leaders, the United Nations General Assembly today adopted a historic outcome document encapsulating a unified stance by the international community on a broad array of crucial issues, from concrete steps towards combating poverty and promoting development to unqualified condemnation of all forms of terrorism along with the acceptance of collective responsibility to protect civilians against genocide and other crimes against humanity.

National leaders urge concerted action to reach global anti-poverty goals

Five years after world leaders meeting at the United Nations adopted far-reaching Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) aimed at addressing a range of global ills, national leaders addressing the World Summit in New York this afternoon said more needs to be done to reach those targets.

Countries emerging from conflict share lessons at UN Summit

As the United Nations Summit in New York entered its final stretch this evening, representatives of several countries emerging from conflict took the floor to offer their perspectives on consolidating peace and ensuring lasting stability.

Secretary-General continues to meet with a wide range of leaders during Summit

Continuing to take advantage of the record attendance of heads of State and Government at the 2005 World Summit, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan conferred with a number of leaders on the sidelines of the meeting today.

Adoption of 2005 World Summit Outcome hailed as historic step towards UN reform

The co-chairs of the largest-ever gathering of heads of State and government this evening hailed the adoption of the 2005 World Summit Outcome as an historic step and urged that its words be translated into concrete actions.

On World Summit's second day, UN reform, development goals top agenda

The United Nations World Summit, the largest-ever gathering of Heads of State and Government, went into its second day today with leaders stressing the need for UN reform, the fight against terrorism, and further effort to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of slashing a host of socio-economic ills by 2015.

UN agencies continue to bring their fields of specialization to Summit

As a record number of world leaders convene at United Nations Headquarters in New York for the second day, the United Nations' specialized agencies continue to call attention to their respective fields of interest and their importance for reaching development goals and reforming the Organization.

World's peoples will judge Summit by changes in their daily lives, says Annan

The declaration that leaders at the World Summit will adopt tomorrow will point the way to closer international solidarity, but the world's peoples will judge the meeting's usefulness by the changes in their daily lives and the new perspectives that open before them, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan said today.