World Wildlife Day

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Nature and wildlife, critical to our existence

It’s time that humankind realizes “that nature doesn’t exist for us”, the Head of the UN Environment Programme’s (UNEP) office in New York has said, just ahead of World Wildlife Day.

Assistant Secretary-General Satya Tripathi described 2020 as a “super year for nature”, warning that we are currently standing on “the precipice of complete annihilation”.

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‘Entourage’ star and UN Environment ambassador Adrian Grenier says we can all help protect the oceans

As well as starring in several high-profile films and TV shows, in particular as Vincent Chase in the long-running show Entourage, Adrian Grenier has spent many years advocating for environmental and social causes.

In recognition of his work, which includes founding the Lonely Whale foundation to protect the ocean environment, Mr. Grenier was named a UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador in 2018.

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Indigenous often "overlooked" in conservation effort: FAO

Indigenous peoples have a “key role” in wildlife conservation because of their “deep understanding” of the native ecology.

That’s according to Sheila Wertz, a senior officer with the Food and Agriculture Organisation’s (FAO) Forestry Division.

She spoke with Sandra Ferrari about FAO’s latest quarterly forestry report which was released to coincide with World Wildlife Day, marked on March 3.

Black Mamba Anti-Poaching Unit

More than 1,000 game wardens murdered protecting wildlife

Over 1,000 game wardens have been killed in the line of duty in the past ten years, the head of the UN-backed treaty that regulates global wildlife trade, CITES, has confirmed.

In the fight against poaching and the illegal trafficking of wildlife, front line defenders such as conservation officers, customs officials and game wardens are increasingly being targeted.