World Radio Day

Not listening “can harm you”: vital role for radio in South Sudan

You can do yourself harm in South Sudan, if you fail to tune in to local radio.

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Radio “educates, informs, motivates” in Bangladesh rural communities

Radio has been “informing, educating and motivating” rural communities in Bangladesh for years, according to the head of a network of local stations.

Bazlur Rahman is the Chief Executive of Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication.

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“The sky’s the limit” for Europe’s Radio Refugee Network

A radio network dedicated to serving the needs of refugees in Europe is expanding fast throughout the continent, and "the sky's the limit."

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UN and Africa: focus on South Sudan, FGM and Burundi journalists

Efforts underway to provide isolated South Sudanese with food

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Radio and “blue helmets” vital for UN peacekeeping says veteran chief

In countries where a disaster is unfolding or a conflict is in full swing, radio makes a big difference, says the veteran in charge of UN Radio’s French Unit.

Jérôme Longué  has witnessed many crises in the course of his 18-year career.

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