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News in Brief 27 February 2017 (AM)

Human rights fundamental to “the future we want” and reaching SDGs

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News in Brief 23 February 2017 (PM)

UN launches global campaign to rid oceans of plastic

A global campaign has been launched by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) to rid the world’s oceans and seas of plastic.

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Resilient health systems support women in climate crises: WHO

A resilient and adaptable health care system is the “bread and butter” of any effective response to a climate-induced crisis.

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More than 75% of epilepsy cases in developing countries “untreated”

Effective treatment for epilepsy can cost as little as US$5 per person a year, but more than 75 per cent of cases in developing countries go untreated.

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Early diagnosis can help more people survive cancer, says WHO

Diagnosing and treating cancer early can improve the chances of survival for people living with the disease, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

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News in Brief 26 January 2017 (PM)

UN official in the Gambia to assess support for political transition

A senior UN official is in the Gambia to assess how best to assist the country’s political transition.

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News in Brief 23 January 2017 (AM)

Vaccination campaign targets six million children in Iraq

A five-day campaign has been launched to immunize over six million under-fives in Iraq.

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News in Brief 12 January 2017(AM)

Vaccination drive to protect 4 million Nigerian children gets underway

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UN and Africa: focus on DRC agreement, tobacco and refugees

Peacekeeping chief urges swift implementation of DRC agreement

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Tobacco deaths could rise to 8 million annually, unless checked

Deaths attributable to tobacco could rise to eight million annually unless efforts are made to curb its usage, the World Health Organization (WHO) has said.

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