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More “security guarantees” needed before UN aid reaches Syrian civilians

More “security guarantees” are needed from all sides in the Syrian conflict, before UN aid convoys can deliver vital aid to stranded civilians, despite a major decrease in fighting since Saturday, due to the so-called “cessation in hostilities” agreement.

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Benin responds to illness spread by tiny rat

Authorities in Benin are responding to what they are calling an “epidemic” of a severe illness that causes bleeding.

Lassa Fever is transmitted through contact with food or other items contaminated with the faeces or urine of a tiny rodent species known as the multimammate rat.

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Reducing risk factors can prevent one-third of cancer cases: WHO

About one-third of cancer cases can be prevented by limiting tobacco use, lowering alcohol consumption and doing more exercise.

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Microcephaly the big threat, not Zika virus itself, WHO emphasizes

The medical condition which causes birth abnormalities in babies that’s being linked to the Zika virus is the main threat to health, the World Health Organization (WHO) emphasized on Wednesday.

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