World Health Organization

Measles deaths dramatically cut by 74 per cent worldwide – UN health agency

Measles deaths have plummeted by some 74 per cent worldwide since 2000, the United Nations announced today, while warning that the problem has still not been eradicated.

UN Headquarters to be illuminated in blue to bring diabetes to light

The United Nations headquarters will join 800 monuments throughout the world in being lit up in blue at 6:30 tonight as part of the “Bring Diabetes to Light” campaign, which aims to highlight the impact of the disease affecting more than 180 million people worldwide.

Latest UN findings will help countries design better health strategies

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in rich countries, while pneumonia is the number one killer in poor nations, reveals a new study published by the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) that provides countries with key data for decision-making, planning and setting priorities.

‘Electronic cigarette’ not a safe or proven quitting method for smokers, warns UN

The United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) said today that, contrary to claims by advertisers, the electronic cigarette – a battery-powered product usually made of stainless steel and resembling a real cigarette – has not been proven a safe or legitimate nicotine replacement therapy for smokers trying to quit.

UN agency calls for broader understanding of problems that lead to suicide

The United Nations marked World Suicide Prevention Day today with a call for everyone to better understand why a growing number of people feel compelled to kill themselves, as statistics show an average of one million people take their lives every year.