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UNICEF/Iman Mustafa

Sudan: WHO condemns military occupation of hospitals as ‘gross violation’

A senior World Health Organization (WHO) official has condemned the reported military occupation of at least one hospital in Sudan as a base for attacks, as “an incredibly concerning development.”

Dr. Richard Brennan, WHO Emergency Director for the Eastern Mediterranean region which includes Sudan, told UN News that the use of any health facility by either side in Sudan’s current military power struggle, would be a gross violation of international humanitarian law.

© CDC/James Gathany

News in Brief 14 April 2023

  • World Chagas Day: early detection essential to track ‘silent’ disease
  • Yemen: UN envoy welcomes mass prisoner release, urges push for political solution to war
  • Chad: aid for displaced desperately needed to avoid hunger
© WFP/Arete/Patrick Meinhardt

News in Brief 05 April 2023

  • New WFP chief Cindy McCain warns of funding crunch in fight against hunger
  • $6.9 billion needed to rebuild cultural sector in Ukraine: UNESCO
  • Climate change accelerates rise in mosquito-transmitted diseases: WHO
ADB/Zen Nuntawinyu

News in Brief 23 March 2023

  • Amid recent slowdown in global trade, “green goods” are the winning ticket
  • UN chief calls on EU to help world get ‘back on track’ towards development goals
  • Southern Africa: Cyclone Freddy aftermath brings disease outbreaks, health care gaps
UNEP/Lisa Murray

News in Brief 22 March 2023

  • World comes together to address water crisis affecting billions
  • Uganda: UN rights chief calls on President not to sign anti-homosexuality bill
  • Tanzania: first-ever outbreak of deadly Marburg Virus Disease