Protect workers during and after lockdowns, urges UN labour agency

Marking the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, the International Labour Organization (ILO) has urged States to take action to prevent and control COVID-19 in the workplace.


Protect ‘healthcare heroes’ from COVID-19, urges UN rights expert

States and business leaders must step up efforts to ensure that the selfless doctors, nurses, first-responders and other medical professionals working on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic receive adequate protective equipment, a UN rights expert said on Friday.

Monday’s Daily Brief: Geopolitical strife, Australia bushfires, Burkina Faso, Cambodia updates

Monday’s top stories include: UN chief’s call for de-escalation in global tensions; UNICEF offers help as Australia bushfires continue to rage; condolences following Burkina Faso bus explosion; new shipping regulation to boost health of people and planet; and ILO responds to deadly Cambodia building collapse.

Sustainable fashion leader pins hope on humanitarian values

Changing the fashion industry and making it more aware of global humanitarian and environmental concerns, demands expertise, and above all, passion.

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Attack against aid workers in Mali a “concerning” development

An attack on a humanitarian convoy in north-east Mali which targeted aid workers has been described by the UN as a “concerning” development.

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“High correlation” between inequality and unrest

When people are less equal, there’s more likelihood of social and political unrest; that’s the view of Harvard University Professor and Nobel Laureate, Eric Maskin.

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Social dialogue key for improving workplaces

Effective social dialogue between governments, workers and employers can improve compliance and produce better workplaces.

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Panel monitoring UN treaty on migrant workers calls for more ratifications

The independent panel monitoring compliance with the United Nations-sponsored convention on the rights of migrant workers and their families has wrapped up its first meeting today by urging more countries to ratify the treaty.

UN convention to protect migrant workers holds first meeting

The States parties to an international treaty protecting the rights of 60 to 65 million workers and their families held their first meeting at United Nations Headquarters in New York, pledging to protect migrants from physical and sexual abuse, working in inhumane conditions and being denied freedom of thought and expression.

UN treaty on the rights of migrant workers enters into force

The United Nations international treaty on the rights of migrant workers and their families came into force today, a landmark in global efforts to protect people who - separated from their countries of origin - have historically fallen through the cracks of the international legal system.