Campaign tackles health impact of air pollution in cities

A new initiative has been launched to raise awareness about the health impacts of air pollution which the World Health Organization (WHO) calls “an invisible kil

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People are happiest at the “ends of their lives” anti-ageism author says

People are happiest at the beginning and ends of their lives and older people enjoy better mental health than the young and middle-aged.

That’s what a best-selling American author and blogger on ageism- the discrimination or prejudice against older people- discovered.

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World Mental Health Day highlights psychological first aid in crises

Approximately one in 10 people worldwide suffered from a mental disorder over the past year, the World Health Organization (WHO) has reported.

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Medical supplies reach Al Qamishli Kurdish area in northern Syria

More than 11 tonnes of medical supplies have been airlifted to Al-Qamishli in northern Syria for the first time since last December, a spokesperson for the World Health Organization has said.

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