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UN steps up relief efforts for 600,000 flood victims in West Africa

United Nations agencies are stepping up emergency relief efforts in West Africa where severe flooding has affected 600,000 people, damaging infrastructure, schools and hospitals, inundating large swathes of farmland and destroying crops.

West Africa: deadly floods could trigger disease outbreaks, UN agency warns

Deadly floods that have swept across West Africa could lead to outbreaks of diarrhoea, malaria and other communicable diseases, the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) cautioned today, calling for funding to respond to the emergency.

UN appeals for $18 million to assist flood victims in Burkina Faso

United Nations aid agencies and their humanitarian partners launched an appeal today for more than $18 million to help the victims of deadly floods in Burkina Faso, one of the countries hit hardest this year by the annual wet season in West Africa.

Floods affect 600,000 people across West Africa, UN reports

The number of people hit by deadly floods across West Africa has now topped 600,000, and the heavy rains have also destroyed crops and infrastructure in a region already hard hit by poverty, the United Nations humanitarian arm reported today.

UN sends disaster assessment team as floods hit capital of Burkina Faso

A United Nations disaster assessment and coordination team arrives today in Burkina Faso, where torrential rains that have soaked much of West Africa have killed at least five people and forced around 150,000 others to find alternative shelter.

UN humanitarian air service in West Africa wins reprieve for another month

United Nations aid operations in West Africa have received a boost with the injection of fresh funds to allow humanitarian flights in the region to continue, but similar air services in Chad will have to be cut within three weeks unless donors come forward with more assistance.

Evidence of clandestine drugs manufacturing in Guinea concerns UN

The United Nations voiced concern today over evidence recently uncovered in Guinea suggesting that undercover narcotics operations are producing illicit drugs on a large scale in the small West African country.

Security Council concerned over precarious progress made in West Africa

The Security Council today voiced its concern over the fragile democratic and economic progress achieved in West Africa, which continues to face grave challenges ranging from coups d’état to organized crime.

UN launches initiative to rid West Africa of organized crime, drug trafficking

To combat organized crime and drug trafficking wreaking havoc in West Africa, the United Nations today launched a new initiative to tackle the scourge in the region, where $1 billion worth of cocaine transits through annually.

Drug trafficking and violence threaten gains in West Africa – UN official

West Africa’s progress in consolidating stability and security is being jeopardized by coups and organized crime, the top United Nations envoy to the region warned today.