west africa

Drug crime poses serious threat to West Africa, warns UN official

West Africa is at the heart of an illegal drug trade transporting massive amounts of narcotics from South America to Europe, the United Nations chief on drugs and crime said today, warning of the danger the scourge poses to the region.

West Africa: 130,000 still need support following severe floods, says UN

The United Nations humanitarian arm said today that continued assistance is needed for an estimated 130,000 people affected by severe flooding in West Africa, where several countries were already suffering from the impact of the global food crisis.

UN envoys urge Côte d’Ivoire to press ahead with electoral preparations

Senior United Nations officials in West Africa have stressed the importance of starting the identification and registration processes for the upcoming presidential polls in Côte d’Ivoire as soon as possible, voicing concern over delays in the preparations.

UN peacekeeping chiefs in West Africa kick off two-day summit

The heads of United Nations peacekeeping missions in West Africa today start a two-day meeting in Guinea-Bissau aimed at reviewing regional and national challenges to the success of their mandates.

Flooding in West Africa puts lives at risk, says UN health agency

International aid is urgently needed to reduce the risk to millions of lives in danger across West Africa due to the effects of flooding, the United Nations health agency warned today.

West African floods spark warning from UN humanitarian wing

United Nations relief officials warned today that heavy rains across West Africa have brought renewed flooding to the region, threatening the homes and livelihoods of tens of thousands of people and jeopardizing the already fragile food security situation.

Sahel stands at ‘ground zero’ of climate change, top UN adviser warns

Africa’s Sahel region is “ground zero” for countries trying to cope with climate change, but sufficient investment in adaptation measures and greater cooperation between neighbouring States means this does not have to lead to conflict, a senior United Nations official said today.