12 million people in Yemen depend on aid for “their survival”

A US$2.1 billion appeal to help 12 million Yemenis who depend on aid “for their survival” has been launched by the UN and its humanitarian partners.

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News in Brief 31 January 2017 (PM)

Thousands trapped in Yemeni coastal town in need of protection

Up to 30,000 Yemeni civilians are trapped in one coastal town in need of aid supplies and protection, according to the UN Humanitarian Coordinator for the country.

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News in Brief 30 January 2017 (PM)

Emergency repairs have begun on the heavily-damaged main water supply for Syria’s capital city, Damascus, according to the UN.

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UN agriculture chief calls for stronger water management, improved access for small farmers

The head of the United Nations agricultural agency today urged the international community to promote more efficient use of water and to take steps to secure water access, especially for poor family farmers.

Agricultural leaders urged to act now to avert global water crisis

With agriculture currently accounting for 70 per cent of global water usage, decision makers in the industry are being urged to strengthen efforts to tackle a looming water crisis.

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Donor “consortium” needed to back up Haiti’s long-term recovery

A consortium of donors committed to improving Haiti’s water and sanitation is needed to help eradicate cholera from the island, in support of the new government.

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News in Brief 09 January 2017 (PM)

Terror “will not bring a solution” to Israeli-Palestinian conflict

“Violence and terror” will not bring a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict the UN Secretary-General said on Monday, following an attack which left four Israelis dead in Jerusalem.

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