With right Haiti response “cholera will go”

With the resources to keep responding effectively and improvements in water and sanitation for all Haitians, “cholera will go”.

That’s according to David Nabarro, the UN Special Adviser responsible for the organization’s on-going cholera response in Haiti.

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Armed groups increasingly use water as “weapon of war”

From Syria to Iraq and Gaza, water services are being deliberately attacked or used as leverage in negotiations, members of the UN Security Council heard on Tuesday.

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Water resources ‘a reason for cooperation, not conflict,’ Ban tells Security Council

Noting that three quarters of UN Member States share rivers or lake basins with their neighbours, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today highlighted the value of water resources as a reason for cooperation, not conflict.

Afghanistan: UN report finds settling water disputes key to economic growth, avoiding conflict

The demand for water to support agricultural development in conflict-plagued Afghanistan often results in high-stakes water disputes, according to a new United Nations report released today, which underscores the need for more effective and transparent means of resolving the differences.

Reforesting Kilimanjaro could ease East Africa's severe water shortages – UN

There is a need to reforest Africa’s highest mountain to help protect vital water supplies that are under threat across large parts of East Africa, a UN Environment report urged today.

UN Gender Focus: access to water, burkini ban and gender inequality in the labour market

Time wasted collecting water a “double whammy” for women and girls

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Water collecting a “double whammy” for women and girls

Time wasted collecting water is a “double whammy” for women and girls around the world.

That’s according to Sanjay Wijesekera, Chief of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene programmes at the UN Children’s Fund, (UNICEF).

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At start of World Water Week, UNICEF highlights how women and girls lose valuable time and opportunities collecting water

As World Water Week kick off today, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has highlighted that the opportunity cost from a lack of access to water disproportionately falls on women and girls who collectively spend as much as 200 million hours – or more than 22,800 years – every day collecting this vital resource.

Mountain areas crucial for “survival of the planet”

Mountain areas of the world are crucial for the “survival of the planet” and also home to some of the poorest and hungriest communities on earth.

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Flint Michigan crisis ‘not just about water,’ UN rights experts say ahead of President Obama’s visit

Speaking ahead of United States President Barack Obama’s visit to Flint, Michigan, three United Nations experts are calling for immediate action to address the serious human rights concerns related to the contamination of the city’s water supply and the devastating consequences for residents there, who have been dealing with water-related crises since April 2014.