Ensuring access to water for agriculture vital for sustainable future – UN

Ensuring universal access to water and using it wisely in agriculture is essential to end famine, drought and political instability, United Nations officials stressed today, adding that countries must strive to provide this vital source to all their citizens to achieve a sustainable future.

UN-led initiative harnesses partnerships to tackle water and sanitation challenges

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has facilitated the formation of a global platform to unite local actors to solve water and sanitation challenges, including encouraging water authorities in developed countries to support the improvement of services in poorer regions through donations.

Water access must reach rural and marginalized areas in Europe – UN report

A United Nations report launched today spotlights the need to address unequal water access in Europe, stressing that certain populations such as rural communities and marginalized groups are still not getting this vital resource.

Increasing demand and climate change threaten global water supplies – UN report

An unprecedented rise in the demand for food, rapid urbanization and climate change are significantly threatening global water supplies, according to a United Nations report released today, which stresses that a radical new approach to managing this essential resource is needed to be able to sustain future consumption levels.