African ministers responsible for water pledge at UN meeting to improve supplies

With 300 million Africans lacking sustainable access to safe water, a United Nations-sponsored conference on water agreed on a plan today to halve that number by 2015, while maintaining adequate water supplies to agro-industry and managing weather crises.

UN University sets up virtual academy to improve global water management

The United Nations University (UNU) announced today it has created a "virtual academy" to teach the fundamentals of water management through the Internet in a bid to improve the availability of safe water around the world.

African countries to meet in December to improve water management - UN

More than 40 African countries will meet next month to work out targets for the improved management of continental water supplies at a conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the United Nations regional commission for Africa said today.

World must act now to provide safe water, further delay entails great risk – Annan

With more than 2 million children dying each year from water-borne diseases, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today called on the international community to avoid further dangerous delays and move from pledges to action in order to halve by 2015 the proportion of people lacking safe drinking water and sanitation.

Annan calls for 'blue revolution' for global sharing of scarce freshwater

Marking World Water Day 2003, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today called for a “blue revolution” of improved water management and sharing so that instead of igniting armed conflict, water scarcity and crises united the people of the world.

UN agencies focus on sustainable management plans ahead of World Water Day

A range of United Nations agencies is set to join forces with world leaders and experts gathered in Japan to generate creative and responsible strategies to avert a future water crisis caused by population growth, pollution and climate change.

Water is essential to realization of human rights, UN officials tell global forum

Just ahead of World Water Day - an event planned to inspire political and local-level action to promote responsible water use and conservation - top United Nations rights officials and experts today drew attention to the crucial link between water and the realization of human rights.

River basins potential source of international conflict, UN reports

The future flash points for conflict could be the river basins upon which millions of people depend for drinking water, irrigation and energy, unless countries take urgent action to share those resources, according to a new atlas launched by the United Nations today.

UN agency launches partnership for improved water management in Asian cities

The United Nations programme dealing with human settlements and the problems of rapid urbanization has launched a partnership with the Asian Development Bank (ABD) to help provide loans for safe drinking water and sanitation projects in densely populated areas throughout Asia.

Nane Annan stresses importance of hygiene education at World Water Forum

Nane Annan, wife of United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan, participated today in the Third World Water Forum in Kyoto, Japan, where experts have gathered to seek ideas to forestall a future water crisis caused by population growth, pollution and climate change.