UN Gender – Year Ahead 2016

Value of women’s unpaid work deserves recognition

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Safer cities for women: one project takes off in the Philippines

One suburb of the Filipino capital, Manila, is trying to confront the issue of violence against women using a novel form of community patrolling.

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Situation in Afghanistan “cannot continue indefinitely”

The war in Afghanistan, which is preventing political and economic progress in the country, “cannot continue indefinitely.”

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Security worse, but humanitarian access improves in Afghanistan

The security situation in Afghanistan has worsened over the last year, although humanitarian access has improved in the country.

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Violence against women a “global epidemic”

Violence against women should be recognized as a “global epidemic” according to the Deputy Executive Director of UN Women, the United Nations’ gender agency.

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Hebron now “epicentre of violence” in Israel-Palestine unrest

The “epicentre of violence” in on-going clashes between Israelis and Palestinians has moved from Jerusalem, to the West Bank city of Hebron.

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Parliamentarians urged to lead peace efforts in Burundi

International concern continues to mount over Burundi, where a months’ long political crisis has led to the deaths of hundreds of people and forced thousands to flee to neighbouring countries.

The situation began in April after President Pierre Nkurunziza sought a contested third term.

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Women key to fight against terrorism and violent extremism

The education and empowerment of women is essential to end terrorism and violence in strife-torn communities.

That’s according to Hanaa Edwar, Secretary-General of the Iraqi Al-Amal Association.

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Violence and impunity in CAR must end: Human Rights chief

Ending impunity for people who commit violent crimes in the Central African Republic (CAR) is essential to achieve peace and democracy in the strife-torn nation, according to the UN Human Rights High Commissioner.

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“Utter disrespect for human life” in South Sudan

Deep shock has been expressed by top UN officials regarding what has been described as “utter disrespect for human life” and “unspeakable violence” by all parties to the conflict in South Sudan.

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