violence against women

Violence against women ‘serious obstacle’ to sustainable development, Ban says on World Day

Underlining that violence against women and girls is not only a human rights violation but also a serious obstacle to sustainable development, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called for “meaningful” action to prevent and respond to such violence.

Violence against women, the worldwide scourge

As many as one in three women continue to be the target of violence all over the world and it’s about time governments took action to stop it.

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UN Women’s ‘Orange the World’ kicks off 16 days of activism to fight gender-based violence

The extent to which violence is embedded in society means that uprooting it is everyone’s job, senior United Nations official said today, lamenting that violence against women and girls continue to be a low priority on the international development agenda and urging more action – and more funding – to end the pandemic of such violence now, once and for all.

Ban calls for more female police in UN peace operations to combat violence against women

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today called on Member States to contribute more female police, especially French-speaking women, to serve in UN peace operations.

Algerian mothers raising sons to help curb violence against women

Algerian mothers are being empowered to raise their sons to reject the use of any violence against women.

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