violence against women

Azerbaijan must ensure accountability for acts of violence against women – UN expert

An independent United Nations human rights expert today urged authorities in Azerbaijan to ensure accountability for acts of violence against women, including by punishing not only the perpetrators but also those who fail in their duty to respond to abuses.

Women’s participation, leadership crucial to peace processes – UN Security Council

The United Nations Security Council and senior UN officials today issued a strong call on the international community to strengthen its commitment to ensuring that women play a more prominent role in conflict prevention, resolution and peacebuilding.

UN survey of men in Asia-Pacific reveals high levels of sexual violence in region

A common motivation of men who have admitted to rape is the belief that they are entitled to sex even without the female partner’s consent, according to a newly released United Nations study of some Asia and Pacific countries, which urges greater measures to end impunity for men who use violence against women and girls.

More than a third of all women affected by physical or sexual violence – UN report

More than a third of women worldwide are affected by physical or sexual violence, many at the hands of an intimate partner, according to a new United Nations report that offers guidelines to help countries respond to this global epidemic.

States accountable for investigating and preventing violence against women – UN expert

An independent United Nations human rights expert has stressed the need to hold States accountable not only for investigating acts of violence against women but also for failing to prevent such violence.

UN welcomes new Bolivian law broadening protection of women from violence

The United Nations human rights office today welcomed a new law in Bolivia which broadens the protection of women against various forms of violence.

At Headquarters and around the globe, UN celebrates International Women’s Day

The United Nations celebrated International Women’s Day today with the debut of a new song to rally and inspire listeners to join the drive for women’s rights and gender equality, and a call to action to turn the promises for women into concrete change.

FEATURE: UN peacekeeping - on the front lines to end violence against women

“I know what it means to lose your house, to be looted. To look a child in the eye and say, 'If they come for me, you need to run'," said the newly appointed United Nations Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict. "I know what it means to give testimony and to investigate the documents.”

UN women’s commission begins annual session with call to stop gender-based violence

The United Nations commission focusing on women today kicked off its annual session with a call to eliminate violence against women and girls, a global scourge that affects millions around the world.

UN experts urge US Congress to renew Violence Against Women Act

Two United Nations experts today urged the United States House of Representatives to approve a revised bill which strengthens the legal options for female victims of violence and sexual abuse, and extends protections to indigenous, immigrant and gay victims.