Austrian scientist prepares for entry into force of UN nuclear ban treaty

Scientists are being trained by a UN-backed organization in methods to monitor whether or not a nuclear explosion has taken place.

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Women have “powerful voice” in global scientific community

Women have a “powerful voice” in the global scientific community, the head of a UN partner organization that works to end nuclear testing has said.

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UN nuclear test ban needs to be enforced, says Uruguay’s vice minister

A ban on all nuclear testing would send a “clear message” that the international community is determined to achieve a nuclear-free world.

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People on Mars: “We must afford it” says US space chief

Putting people on Mars sometime in the 2030s is something the planet simply “must afford” for the sake of all the benefits it will bring.

That’s the view of Dava Newman, who is the Deputy Administrator of the US Space Administration, NASA.

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Nuclear techniques to help better understand causes of stunting

Work is underway to try and identify reasons for child stunting beyond poor nutrition, and the answer may be found with nuclear technology according to the UN.

In 2014, one in every four children under five years of age was stunted, a total of 159 million globally.

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Young nuclear scientists share hopes for future of the field

A “Nuclear Olympiad” competition has inspired young nuclear scientists to lay out their visions for the future of the field.

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Refugees: Warm welcome marks crisis “turning point”

Austrians and Germans have offered trainloads of refugees an “incredible outpouring of welcome”, marking a possible turning point in the migration crisis, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR)

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Head of UN anti-crime agency calls for greater efforts against human trafficking

The head of the United Nations anti-crime agency has urged governments, businesses and civil society to boost their efforts to combat human trafficking, including by increasing awareness of the problem and providing greater resources to tackle it.

Italian official appointed new head of UN Office at Vienna

Secretary-General Kofi Annan today appointed a senior banking executive from Italy as the new Director-General of the United Nations Office at Vienna (UNOV) and head of the UN Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention.