UN chief congratulates Uzbekistan on decision to end statelessness for 50,000 people

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has congratulated Uzbekistan on the passage this week of legislation set to end statelessness for some 50,000 people in the Central Asian country.  

Uzbekistan wins its long fight against malaria, as global rates continue to rise

Uzbekistan’s success in becoming recognized as a malaria-free country by the World Health Organization (WHO), is an “extraordinary outcome,” said the Executive Director of the Global Fund on Tuesday, a UN-backed partnership to end malaria epidemics.

UN launches new fund to advance sustainable development in Aral Sea region

UN Secretary-General António Guterres has urged countries to fund a new initiative designed to reduce vulnerability, advance sustainable development and create decent living conditions for millions of people living around the Aral Sea, whose basin encompasses Uzbekistan, and six other countries in Central Asia.

Government bodies must serve people, Uzbek President stresses at UN assembly

Noting efforts to advance socio-economic development in Uzbekistan, the President of the country highlighted that the ultimate goal is to build a democratic State and a just society, where the priority is implementation of the principle that “human interests come first.”

Uzbekistan gifts UN Headquarters with model of historic architecture

The United Nations today accepted a model of Registan Square as a gift from Uzbekistan and installed it at its Headquarters in New York.

Nuclear bomb grade fuel removed from Uzbekistan in UN-monitored operation

Spent nuclear fuel containing enough uranium to produce two and a half nuclear bombs has been returned to Russia from Uzbekistan in a secret mission completed yesterday under monitoring by the United Nations atomic watchdog agency as part of its efforts to stop the diversion of such material to terrorist or other ends.

Kyrgyzstan: UN refugee agency continues to seek release of 15 Uzbeks

The United Nations refugee agency said today it was continuing talks with the Kyrgyz Government on the release of 15 Uzbek nationals who fled violence in their homeland in May but remained under detention when more than 400 of their compatriots were airlifted to Romania last month.

UN human rights chief lauds Romania for receiving Uzbek refugees

The United Nations human rights chief has praised Romania’s decision to give temporary shelter to more than 430 Uzbek refugees who fled violent unrest in their homeland two months ago.

UN refugee agency ‘extremely concerned’ for Uzbek detainees in Kyrgyzstan

The United Nations refugee agency today again voiced “extreme concern” over the continued detention of 15 Uzbeks in Kyrgyzstan after more than 400 of their compatriots, who fled violence in their homeland two months ago, were flown to Romania on Friday.

UN starts airlifting Uzbek refugees to Kyrgyz capital pending transfer abroad

The United Nations refugee agency today started airlifting 455 Uzbeks who fled unrest in their homeland in May to the Kyrgyz capital of Bishkek pending a further transfer to other countries amid intensified pressure from Uzbekistan for the return of 12 among the group.