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News in Brief 16 March 2023

  • Energy grid attacks, torture in Ukraine by Russian military could be crimes against humanity
  • Cocaine trafficking surges following COVID-19-related slowdown
  • UN human rights chief calls for further progress in Uzbekistan
UN Photo/Devra Berkowitz

Uzbekistan seeks to strengthen rule of law by improving access to justice

Rule of law and access to justice play an important role in development, a senior UN official has said.

Helen Clark, Administrator of the UN Development Programme, made the remarks during her visit to Uzbekistan.

She also visited an earthquake simulation complex in the capital city of Tashkent, which raises awareness on the central Asian nation’s vulnerability to seismic events.

Two major World Heritage sites in the ancient cities of Khiva and Bukhara were also part of her visit.

Young people in Uzbekistan take on social innovation challenge

Young people in Uzbekistan have been challenged by the United Nations to come up with ways of promoting volunteerism through social media.

Part of the challenge is to create a one minute long video clip which will attract young people to volunteer for their communities.

Nigina Mirbabaeva has been speaking to the UN Development Programme's Bokhodir Ayupov, who manages the Social Innovation and Volunteerism project.

She began by asking him to share some of the most exciting success stories.