“Shifting security landscape” focus of Security Council deliberations

The changing nature of conflict has led to greater cooperation between the United Nations and regional organizations such as the African Union and the European Union.

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Urban inequity presents new social, development challenges, says senior UN official

Sustainable cities are an aspiration as the number of slum dwellers continues to rise and the rate of urbanization skyrockets, a senior United Nations official today said, ahead of an upcoming UN forum that will focus on creating cities and towns more economically, socially and politically accessible.

Africa and Asia to lead urban population growth in next 40 years – UN report

Africa and Asia together will account for 86 per cent of all growth in the world’s urban population over the next four decades, the United Nations said today, adding that this unprecedented increase will pose new challenges in terms of jobs, housing and infrastructure.

Mayors gather at UN to discuss practical steps for dealing with urban problems

Mayors and other representatives from some of the world's biggest and most rapidly growing cities have been meeting at United Nations Headquarters in New York over the past two days to examine how they can harness innovative forms of technology to overcome the environmental problems caused by the relentless expansion of urban areas.