Urbanization has “huge potential also huge risks”: UN-Habitat chief

The process of urbanization has “huge potential and also huge risks” according to the senior UN official leading the biggest conference on world cities in 20 years.

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Innovating agriculture to address climate change

Transforming agriculture to address challenges such as climate change and growing urban populations are among the topics experts and decision makers will be discussing this week in Rome.

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Urbanization may be “greatest opportunity” to achieve sustainable development

The migration of people to cities across the world may provide the “greatest opportunity” to achieve sustainable development.

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Mayors negotiate a New Urban Agenda

Mayors from different parts of the world will help set a new global strategy around urbanization for the next two decades, the UN says.

Half of the global population currently lives in urban areas, but the numbers are expected to peak at 70 per cent by 2050.

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