UN and Africa: Emergency Response Funding, Somalia's future, and a UN Volunteer from Kenya

More than two-thirds of emergency response fundinggoing to Africa

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UN Volunteer from Kenya shares benefits of serving

Volunteering with the United Nations has taught a Kenyan lawyer the value of interacting with people from around the world: something that she says “opens your mind” and allows you to grow both personally and professionally.

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UN Volunteers programme launches poverty reduction campaign in Bolivia

Some 1,200 Bolivian university graduates will fan out across the South American country over the next two years to fight poverty, empower women and promote small and family businesses under a new United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme.

108 countries to recommend follow-up to UN year of volunteers

More than 500 government officials and volunteer leaders from 108 countries will take part in a meeting next week in Geneva to evaluate the activities of the International Year of Volunteers 2001, according to the United Nations Volunteer programme (UNV), the global focal point for the Year.

UN volunteer agency, Suez company sign accord to help developing nations

The United Nations Volunteers programme (UNV) and a leading European energy company, Suez, today announced a wide-ranging cooperation agreement to promote the services of corporate volunteers in developing countries.