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UN News/Elizabeth Scaffidi

Important ‘lessons learned’ could help other UN missions: Somalia police chief

Somalia could provide valuable “lessons learned for other mission set ups”, according to the UN police commissioner there.

In New York for UN Police Week, Meinolf Schlotmann, Police Commissioner of the UN Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) said that the country is on “a very positive trajectory”.

He spoke of the close collaboration between UNSOM officers and their counterparts in the African Union Mission in the country (AMISOM), saying the two were working on the ground “shoulder-to-shoulder”.

UN News/Daniel Dickinson

‘Heroism and resilience’ of Somali people in face of ongoing attacks

The Somali people have demonstrated “heroism and resilience” in the face of ongoing insecurity caused by “senseless terrorist attacks”; that’s according to the UN’s most senior representative in the Horn of Africa country.

James Swan, who is the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Somalia was speaking at UN Headquarters in New York, ahead of briefing the Security Council on Wednesday.

Locusts swarms can be hundreds of miles long, leaving little vegetation behind. Photo: FAO/Yasuyoshi Chiba
FAO/Yasuyoshi Chiba

Thursday’s Daily Brief: Somalia bombing condemned, as UN expert calls for more international help; Africa faces locust swarms; new leaders for UN atomic watchdog and top economic body

Our main stories today: senior UN officials condemn attacks on Somalia capital, and call for continued international support; the International Atomic Energy Agency and UN’s Economic and Social Council welcome new leaders; and the Food and Agriculture Organization warns of possible locust swarms in Horn of Africa and Yemen

UN Photo/Ilyas Ahmed

Somalia’s life-saving volunteer ambulance service

Welcome to our latest UN and Africa podcast, from UN News.

Before the arrival of the Aamin Free Ambulance Service in Somalia’s capital twelve years ago, victims of car crashes or terror attacks, were taken to hospital in wheelbarrows.

The volunteer service operates around the clock, and Michael Keating, who’s in charge of the UN Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM), is calling for more support for the vital “first-responder”, which has saved hundreds of lives across the capital Mogadishu.

UN News

Cross-cutting efforts to build up security across Somalia

Al Shabbab terrorists continue to undermine security across Somalia as the government tries to build up its institutions and make the country more economically self-sufficient.

That’s according to the head of the UN Assistance Mission there (UNSOM), Michael Keating, who spelled out that “a multi-dimensional effort to build an accountable, affordable State” is well underway.

UN Photo/Tobin Jones

Ancient Somali cave art “enormous” potential for future tourism

Ancient rock shelters that are home to some of the oldest cave paintings in Africa, have “enormous” potential to help bring thousands more tourists to Somalia and ‘Somaliland’.

That’s according to the top envoy who heads the UN Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM), Michael Keating.

Standing inside the extraordinary cave formations of Laas Gaal, on the outskirts of Hargeisa, he pointed to some of the cave art — dating back thousands of years — describing it as a valuable “resource for the whole world”.