UN agency assisting Palestinian refugees marks six decades of work

National leaders and senior government ministers from around the world have gathered at United Nations Headquarters in New York today to pay tribute to the efforts of the UN agency that has assisted Palestinian refugees across the Middle East for 60 years.

Marking 60 years of UN assistance, Ban honours courage of Palestinians

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon paid tribute today to Palestinian refugees, who he said had shown great courage in the face of conflict, as well as to the efforts over the past 60 years of the United Nations agency tasked with assisting them.

UN agency to mark 60 years of assisting Palestinian refugees

The United Nations agency tasked with providing education, health, relief and social services to 4.6 million Palestinian refugees is set to kick off a series of events on Friday to commemorate its 60th anniversary.

Palestinian refugees in Lebanon to benefit from new UN pact with UAE

The United Nations agency tasked with assisting Palestinian refugees will be able to improve living conditions for thousands living in Lebanese camps thanks to a new partnership with the United Arab Emirates.

Head of UN aid agency ‘extremely pleased’ over Gaza visit of US pols

The Gaza visits of three United States legislators were a sign of change that could improve the situation on the ground in the war-torn territory, the chief of the United Nations agency responsible for the welfare of Palestinian refugees said today.

Jordan’s Queen praises UN’s vital lifeline for Gaza

Queen Rania of Jordan today urged all donors to honour their pledges to the United Nations agency responsible for helping millions of Palestinians amid warnings that a shortfall could force it to stop paying thousands of staff such as teachers and doctors.

UN lifts suspension of Gaza food imports after Hamas returns stolen aid

The main United Nations relief agency responsible for feeding 900,000 Palestinian refugees in Gaza today lifted its suspension of aid imports after Hamas returned all the aid it had stolen last week.

Gaza: UN suspends aid operation after second Hamas-linked theft of supplies

The main United Nations relief agency responsible for feeding 900,000 Palestinian refugees in Gaza today suspended all imports of desperately needed aid after Hamas confiscated hundreds of tons of food, the second such seizure in three days.

Bravery of own staff was inspiration for top UN Gaza official during Israeli offensive

In the darkest hours of Israel’s offensive against Hamas in Gaza, when his own headquarters was shelled and went up in flames, when children were dying or being horrifically injured, the top United Nations official on the ground drew inner strength from the bravery of his own staff – and from a vision from his own homeland, Ireland, of reconciliation between implacable foes.

Senior official gives eyewitness account of Israeli shelling of UN Gaza compound

At about 10 a.m. local, the first Israeli shell, from a tank or artillery, crashed into the United Nations main centre in Gaza City today, an hour after 700 Palestinians fleeing intense fighting crowded into the compound and UN officials informed Israeli liaison officers of the dangers of shelling in the area and that shrapnel was coming into the buildings.