Nepalese UN police chief: Children are South Sudan’s future

Children in South Sudan “must not be deprived” of their right to quality education.

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“Generosity and honesty” of women officers contributes to UN Police

The “generosity and honesty” of women officers contributes to role of UN Police (UNPOL) in South Sudan, according to a female Rwandan officer working in the UN mission there.

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UN Gender Focus: Rohingya women, protection of women in South Sudan and space technology

Rohingya women have  “lived through real horrors:”  UNFPA

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UN police boost safety for women outside South Sudan protection sites

Security operations conducted by UN Police (UNPOL) in South Sudan around sites set up to protect civilians are helping to create more security for women according to a senior police officer.

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UN Gender Focus: Barbershop Conference, safety in South Sudan UN camps and access to sexual health care

Barbershop Conference: Changing the conversation around gender equality

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Women UN Police help instill safety at camps for South Sudan displaced

South Sudanese citizens who have been displaced to UN protection camps as a result of conflict say they feel safer when those camps are searched for weapons and other prohibited items.

When the search is conducted by women, there’s a higher sense of trust, confidence and security.

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Protecting people now critical for UN Police

Protecting people in some of the world’s most dangerous places is now a critical component of the work done by the UN Police, or UNPOL, the Security Council was tol

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Joint UN-Timorese police training exercise takes place ahead of elections

United Nations police officers serving in Timor-Leste have held a joint training exercise with national police officers to ensure that presidential and parliamentary elections scheduled for next year in the South-East Asian country take place smoothly.

Member States and UN to enhance police peacekeeping training for Darfur

Top United Nations and Member States’ police and human security officials today pledged to enhance training for UN Police (UNPOL) officers preparing to serve as peacekeepers in Sudan’s Darfur region in what will be the largest single UN Police contingent ever with more than 6,400 officers.