Aspiring human rights lawyers are all winners in test case competition at UN

Law students from 39 universities have been participating this week at the 10th Nelson Mandela World Human Rights Moot Court Competition. Professor Frans Viljoen, Director of the Centre for Human Rights at the University of Pretoria, South Africa, spoke with UN News on how the event helps to reinforce the global fight against impunity.

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Myanmar children facing “hell on earth”

A major alert has been issued for hundreds of thousands of Myanmar youngsters who’ve been forced to seek shelter in what’s been described as a “hell on earth” of makeshift camps in southern Bangladesh.

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“Scales have tipped” in fight against HIV

A key milestone has been reached in the fight against HIV, according to UN health experts, who say that more than half of all sufferers now have access to treatment.

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Children "increasingly targeted" in CAR violence

Horrific and deadly acts of violence against babies and children have been reported in the Central African Republic (CAR), where fighting has forced tens of thousands of people from their homes in recent months.

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Why fitting in is often migrants’ biggest challenge

Helping migrants integrate into host communities is crucial to everyone’s wellbeing, but it’s something that’s frequently misunderstood by authorities, the UN has said.

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States give go-ahead to end arsenic-contaminated rice

A bid to protect global consumers from naturally occurring arsenic-contaminated rice has been given the go-ahead by Member States, the UN said on Monday.

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Babies "found" in ruins of Mosul

Babies have been found in the rubble of Mosul and children there have “deep physical and mental scars” that may take years to heal, the UN said on Thursday.

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'Tourism is key to African growth if it is nurtured'

Tourism in Africa can reduce poverty but the industry needs help to resist challenges from conflict, climate change and health emergencies, the UN said on Wednesday.

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Asylum-seekers show captures human face of crisis

Young male asylum-seekers are not something to be afraid of and they should be given more opportunities to engage with host communities.

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Al-Jazeera call is “draconian” censorship, says expert

An alleged call to Qatar to close down a major broadcaster in exchange for the lifting of sanctions would be a “draconian” form of “extra-territorial censorship”, a senior UN-appointed rights inve

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