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UNiting Against Hate

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UNiting Against Hate episode 8: Does Costa Rica have the answers?

Costa Rica is known for its strong democracy, pro-human rights stance, and deep respect of the rule of law, so it was a shock when the 2018 general elections ushered in an unprecedented polarization of Costa Rican society.

This shift was accompanied by a sharp rise in hate speech and expressions of discrimination and xenophobia.

In the last episode of this season of UNiting Against Hate, Katy Dartford looks at the ways that the country, with strong support from the UN, decided to confront the problem.

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UNiting Against Hate episode 7: Intercultural dialogue, the ‘antidote to violence’

It's common to hear that the world has never been more interconnected. But at the same time, it's never been easier to share differences of opinion and spread misinformation, hate speech and information that divides and causes fear and mistrust.

However, there is an age-old method of building trust between opposing societies, communities, and people: intercultural dialogue.

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UNiting Against Hate episode 6: Is hate speech on the rise?

There is concern amongst human rights experts and activists that hate speech is becoming more prevalent, with views once perceived as fringe and extreme, moving into the mainstream.

This episode of UNiting Against Hate features Tendayi Achiume, the outgoing UN Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism, and Jaroslav Valůch, who is the project manager for fact-checking and news literacy, at Prague-based media development organization “Transitions”.

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UNiting Against Hate episode 5: Tools to combat hate

According to leading international human rights organization Minority Rights Group (MRG), there was a 400-fold increase in the use of hate terms online in Pakistan between 2011 and 2021.

In this episode of UNiting Against Hate, Katy Dartford speaks to activists from MRG, and two partner organizations: Pakistan-based think tank Bytes for All, and Iraq-based Kirkuk Now.

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UNiting Against Hate episode 4: Bearing the scars of hate

For years, Martina Mlinarević, a writer and journalist, and the ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Czech Republic, has detailed aspects of corruption in her country.

She has faced threats and insults online, but when allowed a photo of her mastectomy scar to be published in a magazine, a first for Bosnia and Herzegovina, there was a furious backlash.

Ms. Mlinarević told Katy Dartford about the impact this had on her, and her family.

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UNiting Against Hate episode 3: Coming out as Dalit

Yashica Dutt is a leading Indian anti-caste expert, journalist, and the award-winning author of the non-fiction memoir, Coming Out as Dalit.

On this episode of UNiting Against Hate, she tells Katy Dartford about the discrimination she has experienced, ever since she publicly described herself as Dalit, a group of people who, according to those who subscribe to the Indian caste system, sit at the bottom of the pyramid.

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UNiting Against Hate episode 2: Hate speech and violence in South Sudan

Edmund Yakani, one of South Sudan’s most prominent human rights defenders, has frequently been subject to intimidation and harassment.

Mr. Yakani and other South Sudanese activists have called attention to how hate speech, both in-country and from the diaspora, is contributing to further violence in the world's newest country.

In this episode, Katy Dartford speaks to Mr. Yakani about the ways that politicians use hate speech to their advantage, and his fears for the future of his country, if the problem is not addressed.