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Matt Damon on helping 5.5 million access water: World Bank

Hollywood star Matt Damon’s been telling the World Bank how a simple loan scheme has allowed around 5.5 million people to access affordable water.

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Killing of two peacekeepers in CAR condemned by UN

The killing of two peacekeepers in the Central African Republic (CAR) on Tuesday has been condemned by the UN mission there.

The blue helmets, who were part of a battalion from Morocco, were escorting fuel trucks, when they were ambushed by unknown assailants.

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UN and Africa: focus on South Sudan, malaria and albinism

Scene set for “Rwanda-like” genocide in South Sudan 

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“Surge in diplomacy for peace” needed says next UN chief

A “surge in diplomacy for peace” is needed to limit human suffering across the world, according to the UN Secretary-General-Designate, António Guterres.

Mr Guterres was officially selected as the organization’s 9th Secretary-General on Thursday.

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Zika strain reported on African island for first time

A strain of a virus which can lead to brain defects in newborns has been discovered for the first time in Africa, the UN has confirmed.

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Security Council takes stock of Burundi visit

The Security Council has heard conflicting views on the situation in Burundi, including fears by the radical opposition that a genocide is in the making.

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Eiffel Tower to become huge generator of human energy

The Eiffel Tower is set to become a huge generator of human energy in December thanks to an original project created by a French artist.

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Obstacles remain for Afghan girls to access education

The number of girls in Afghanistan who are going to school has increased significantly since the former Taliban government was deposed in 2001, but obstacles remain, according to the United Nations.

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“Dramatic” destruction of cultural heritage in Nepal

The destruction of cultural heritage in Nepal following two earthquakes in the country has been “dramatic” according to the UN cultural agency, UNESCO.

Thousands of people died in the tremors and many more were injured.

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Male leaders join HeforShe campaign

The movement for gender equality was originally conceived as a struggle led only by women and for women, but this has changed according to the UN agency for gender equality, UN Women.

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