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France-UK agreement to address Calais refugee situation welcomed

A new agreement between France and the UK to deal with the influx of migrants and refugees at a port city in northern France has been welcomed by the UN refugee agency, UNHCR.

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Calais death toll “highlights refugees’ desperation”

The rising death toll among refugees and migrants at a French port requires urgent action from the authorities, the UN said Friday.

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Human rights culture would reduce crime say youth

A global human rights culture would help to reduce crime according to a youth delegate attending a UN Congress on crime prevention and criminal justice taking place in Doha.

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Foot and mouth disease poses serious threat to Europe

Efforts are being stepped up by the European Union and the UN to prepare for any possible outbreak of the foot-and-mouth disease or FMD in Europe.

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100th anniversary of historic Christmas Truce marked at UN

One hundred years ago in the midst of World War One in Western Europe, an unexpected act of humanity occurred.

In an unprecedented event, troops on both fronts of what has become known as the Great war ceased fire, in order to celebrate the holiday season together.

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Touring ‘Hamlet’ troupe marks Shakespeare’s birth, Security Council’s new presidency

Encompassing political intrigue, obsession and violence, William Shakespeare’s tragedy ‘Hamlet’ is being re-enacted today at the United Nations headquarters in New York by a roving troupe from the renowned Globe Theatre Company from London.

“Transforming Markets, Saving Lives” report launched

Highly effective treatment and diagnostics for HIV, malaria, tuberculosis are increasingly becoming available but market barriers need to be removed so that people can have access to them.

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Recent measures in the United Kingdom are eroding right to affordable housing – UN expert

Various measures implemented in recent years by the British Government are eroding the right to affordable housing in the United Kingdom, a United Nations independent expert said today.

Praising ‘Iron Lady,’ Ban says ‘We will owe a great deal to her leadership’

A ‘pioneering leader’ and a ‘great model’ are among the praises Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon bestowed on Baroness Margaret Thatcher today following news of the death of the former British Prime Minister known as the ‘Iron Lady,’ as he expressed his deepest condolences to her family and country.

General Assembly President meets with senior UK officials

President of the General Assembly Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser met today in London with two top officials from the United Kingdom to discuss recent developments in the country as well as the situation in Syria and Somalia.