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The closing day of the WEIF 2022 saw WEIF, UNIDO-ITPO, Arab League, Arab Chambers of Commerce, Chambers of Bahrain come together with the government of UAE Declaration to express their strong commitment to achieving the 17 Goals outlined in the 2030 Agend

UN Dubai Forum closes with calls for focus on women entrepreneurs, innovation and sustainable development for all

The World Entrepreneurs Investment Forum (WEIF 2022) closed in Dubai on Wednesday with participants adopting the ‘UAE Declaration’, which calls for greater collaboration, integration and connectivity across the Arab world and a strong focus on women entrepreneurs to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

UN News/Vibhu Mishra

Women entrepreneurs need opportunities, not handouts

When it comes to growing their businesses, women entrepreneurs are looking for opportunities, not “waiting for handouts,” according to an official with the UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

Adot Killmeyer-Oleche, chief of UNIDO’s Institute for Capacity Development, was speaking after a panel discussion on women in industry held in Bahrain on Wednesday as part of the World Entrepreneurs Investment Forum.

UN News/Vibhu Mishra

Bahrain forum promotes entrepreneurship for SDGs

Bahrain is taking the lead in promoting entrepreneurship as a means to achieve global peace, prosperity and economic empowerment.

That’s according to an official with the UN Investment Development Organization (UNIDO) based in the country, which is this week hosting a forum on achieving sustainable development through entrepreneurship and innovation.

UN Photo/Manuel Elías

UN and Africa: focus on civilians in Central Africa, Libya and sustainable industrial development

Lord’s Resistance Army continues to cause “unspeakable suffering”

The Lord’s Resistance Army rebel group, is continuing to cause “unspeakable suffering” for civilians in central African countries where it operates, according to the UN’s Special Representative for the region. François Louncény Fall, acting head of the UN Regional Office for Central Africa, UNOCA, was briefing Security Council members in New York on the main threats to peace and security. Matthew Wells reports