UN and Africa: focus on Sahel region, Dadaab camp and drought in Zimbabwe

Sahel suffers poverty, climate change and violent extremism: UN

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Dadaab returnees will leave camps voluntarily, says UNHCR

In Kenya, moves are continuing to encourage about 320,000 Somali nationals to leave Dadaab, one of the biggest camp complexes in the world for displaced people, the UN Refugee Agency said Monday.

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Refugees need more help earning a living

Refugees need more support to learn the skillsets required earn a living.

That’s according to Filippo Grandi, head of the UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR.

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10,000 waiting to return to Kosovo

Some 10,000 refugees have expressed an interest in returning to Kosovo, according to the UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR.

An estimated 850,000 people fled Kosovo during the 1990 according to UN figures.

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A photographer's search for "normalcy" in refugees’ lives

“A lot of photographers travel to places and they want to show the differences between us” and the people caught in conflict.

That’s according to Giles Duley, a British photographer who instead aims to show our similarities.

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Refugees in Dadaab camp “cannot be forgotten”

The nearly 350,000 predominantly Somali refugees in Kenya’s Dadaab camp cannot be forgotten.

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UN and Africa: focus on Eritrea, Darfur and illegal wildlife trade

Eritrea “responsible for crimes against humanity”

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50,000 civilians at risk of becoming “human shields” in Fallujah battle

Around 50,000 civilians trapped inside the Iraqi city of Fallujah, risk being turned into “human shields” by the terrorist group Daesh, according to the UN Humanitarian C

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“Huge” long-term problem for refugee children not in school

Refugee children and their families face “huge” long-term problems if they are not able to attend school, according to the UN Cultural Fund, UNESCO.

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Surge in people fleeing conflict in South Kordofan state in Sudan

The number of people fleeing fighting between government forces and rebels in the Sudanese state of South Kordofan continues to rise, the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) has reported.

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