News in Brief 31 May 2019

  • States accused of 'ganging up' on Wikileaks' Assange
  • Asia-Pacific resolutions, solid foundation for SDGs
  • Somali refugees continue to flee Yemen: UNHCR
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Asia-Pacific ‘regional parliament’ underway to advance equality, empowerment, for more than four billion citizens

The top United Nations body in the Asia-Pacific region opened its annual session this week, calling for greater empowerment of disadvantaged and marginalized groups if the region is to achieve the ambitious 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and fulfill its promise to leave no one behind.

Sustainable development focus of upcoming UN Asia-Pacific meeting

Regional cooperation on the issue of sustainable development will top the agenda when representatives from more than 50 countries in Asia and the Pacific meet in Bangkok next week.

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Asia-Pacific productivity "under threat and needs reform”

The Asia-Pacific region is an economic powerhouse but urgently needs to rethink its economic strategy if it’s to stay that way, UN experts said Thursday.

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South Asian experts address lack of access to water, sanitation at UN-backed forum

Over 100 experts are gathering at a United Nations-backed meeting kicking off today in Bangladesh to address the problem of water in Asia, where half the people still have no access to adequate sanitation.

UN forum aims to spur investment in Asian Highway Network

Representatives of more than 30 countries are today attending a United Nations investment forum in Bangkok to drum up financing to complete the Asian Highway Network, the ambitious plan to crisscross the continent with 141,000 kilometres of high-quality roads.

Winners of UN-backed media prize personalize struggle to meet development goals

An indigenous group in Malaysia, nomadic children in China and an HIV-positive couple in India are the focus of stories that have won United Nations prizes for media that depicts the quest to meet UN-backed development goals in the Asia-Pacific region.

UN report warns Asian governments to prepare for financial downturn

The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) today warned the region’s governments to reduce exposure to the impact of a sudden or unexpected market downturn, urging a mood of protection and preparation rather than the celebratory atmosphere of current prosperity.

UN commission for Asia-Pacific creating opportunities for disabled persons

A United Nations regional commission and several countries in Asia and the Pacific are forging ahead with the all-out fight for a barrier-free and inclusive society for persons with disabilities by providing vocational training, employment opportunities and strengthening self-help organizations in the region.