Post-pandemic ‘green shift’ in transport could create up to 15 million jobs

Transforming the transport sector to be more environmentally-friendly in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, could create up to 15 million new jobs worldwide and help countries move to greener, healthier economies, according to a UN-backed report published on Tuesday.

Online border observatory launches in bid to keep key medical and food supplies moving

As countries all over the world restrict the flow of goods to halt the spread of the COVID-19 virus, one UN agency has come up with a plan to keep vital food and medical supplies on the move. 

That agency is the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), and it has just launched an online Observatory on Border Crossings all over the world. 

The tool can be used by transport companies to keep goods flowing as smoothly as possible as UNECE’s Jean Rodriguez tells Daniel Johnson. 

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Sustainable energy "underpins" global development agenda: UNECE

Both the developing and the developed world have “a lot of work to do,” to create a sustainable energy future, a UN energy expert has said.

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Road safety film festival lifts curtain on global scourge

Road accidents are a global pandemic that more countries around the world could help to eradicate through the power of cinema.

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Modern technology hailed as the smart way to make cities better for people

A bid to improve the lives of billions of people in cities by using Information Communication Technology (ICT) to maximum effect is under way at the UN.

The focus on so-called “smart cities” involves 56 cities in Europe, Central Asia and North America.

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Kenyan student urges youth to “take agriculture seriously”

Young people looking to become “the next billionaire” are being encouraged to consider a career in agriculture.

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Meet Sophia: a model way to end plastic pollution

Visitors from all walks of life come to the UN, but chances are there’s probably never been one made out of plastic and wearing trainers, jeans and a hoody.

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Lightweight helmet wheeled in to cut road traffic deaths

An innovative new bicycle helmet could help reduce millions of fatalities on the world’s roads, the UN has said.

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100 million people struggle as housing shortage bites

A housing crisis is looming which has left at least 100 million people living in homes they cannot afford, the UN has warned.

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SDGs “can be achieved with right financing”

Ambitious new global development goals are due to be finalized by UN Member States in New York this week and while the principles have been agreed, what’s less clear is how to find the billions of dollars that are needed to pay for them.

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