UN and Africa: focus on North-east Nigeria, UN camps in South Sudan and solar energy in Nigeria

North-east Nigeria’s problems principally due to “development failures”

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Boko Haram violence compounds long-term “development failures”

North-east Nigeria’s problems are principally due to long-term “development failures” compounded by a Boko Haram terrorist insurgency that’s provoked a “crisis of global magnitude.”

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Tuvalu launches first early warning system in Pacific

The launch of an early warning system in Tuvalu will better inform residents of the Pacific island nation about oncoming cyclones and other disasters, according to a senior UN official in the region.

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News in Brief 17 July 2017 (PM)

UN “deeply concerned” for safety of civilians in Raqqa

The UN and the humanitarian community remain “deeply concerned” for the safety of people trapped in Raqqa city in Syria, the deputy UN spokesperson has said.

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Sustainable small business awards at UN “tremendously empowering”

Winning one of the prestigious UN-backed SEED awards, which highlight some of the most entrepreneurial and sustainable small businesses in Africa and beyond, is “tremendously empowering”.

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Mosul civilians need “confidence” their city will rise from the rubble

Following the final defeat of Daesh, or ISIL, extremists, the residents of Mosul need to have confidence that essential services can and will return to their shattered city.

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UNDP committed to supporting Libya during “difficult juncture”

Despite insecurity, a breakdown in the rule of law, and an all-around “difficult situation” in Libya, the UN Development Programme (UNDP) remains committed to its projects that support citizens, refugees and migrants.

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UNDP projects help build resilience of most vulnerable in Syria

Despite the ongoing conflict in Syria, the UN Development Programme (UNDP) and its partners reached more than two million people last year through projects that support livelihoods or business recovery in vulnerable commu

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Building up resilience of Yemeni families in “dire need”: UNDP

Yemenis continue to show “incredible resilience” despite the crippling war which has left around 20 million in need of aid.

That’s according to Auke Lootsma, Country Director in Yemen for the UN Development Programme (UNDP).

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UNDP small grants fund marine projects in Trinidad & Tobago

Small funding investments in conservation groups in Trinidad and Tobago have made a big difference in protecting coastal areas and marine life in the country.

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