Asia-Pacific productivity "under threat and needs reform”

The Asia-Pacific region is an economic powerhouse but urgently needs to rethink its economic strategy if it’s to stay that way, UN experts said Thursday.

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E-commerce, the revolutionary US$16 trillion industry

Online commerce is a relatively young industry and yet it is already worth more than US$ 16 trillion globally.

It could also be a major boost for least-developed countries, if handled correctly, UN experts believe.

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Global goals and gender equality: squaring the circle

The global goals agenda, also known as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), is widely seen as extremely ambitious, far more so than its predecessor, the Millennium Development Goals.

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Shipping news hails change for developing nations

A significant drop in the cost of global shipping in the last 20 years has not been passed on to developing countries, despite the fact that they are driving the world’s economy, UN economists said Tuesday.

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No shortcuts to ending poverty, says UN trade chief

Poor countries will have to grow faster than China during its boom years if they’re to achieve ambitious development targets such as ending extreme poverty within a generation, the UN said Monday.

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Africa's services future "is more than flipping burgers"

African countries urgently need to shake up their services sector if they’re to compete in the global market place and achieve key sustainable development goals, UN economists said on Thursday.

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Cybercriminals targeted as world IT summit begins in Geneva

Combating online fraud which costs at least US$3.5 billion a year is the task facing UN and industry experts participating in a global forum beginning Monday.

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Asia becomes the world's largest investor region

Asia has, for the first time, become the region which has invested more in other countries than the world’s most developed regional economic blocs.

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UN trade report calls on governments to improve environment for e-commerce

The scope for developing countries to participate in and benefit from e-commerce is expanding, according to a new United Nations report released today, with improved connectivity, new e-commerce applications, platforms and payment solutions, and the emergence of local e-commerce companies that are tailoring their services to local demands.

Hailing 50 years of UN work on trade and development, Ban looks to the challenges ahead

Arriving in Geneva to mark the 50th anniversary of the United Nations body that promotes international trade to fight poverty, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today that the complex effort needs to meet current and future goals in development, and sustainability requires innovation and stepped-up international partnership.