Overseas investment down globally, warns UN trade and development agency UNCTAD

According to a new report by UNCTAD, Foreign direct investment (FDI) has fallen more than 40 per cent in the first half of 2018, compared with the same period last year, with developing economies escaping the worst of the downturn.  Overall, the global financial picture is “gloomy”, James Zhan, UNCTAD Director of Investment and Enterprise, told Daniel Johnson in Geneva.

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Africa migration: good for the continent and ‘good for the world’

Migration in Africa is good for the continent and “good for the world” as a catalyst for job and wealth creation, a UN expert economist said on Thursday.

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Countries are unprepared for the digital economy – but the UN can help

The digital economy is worth a staggering $27 trillion, but most countries are ill-prepared to take advantage of it, the UN’s trade and development agency (UNCTAD) w

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Poorer states look to power ahead through innovation

Energy is key to global development but the world’s poorest nations fare up to six times worse than their more industrialised counterparts when it comes to accessing the vital resource, the UN warned on Wednesday.

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UN and Africa: focus on West and Central Africa, tourism and Côte d’Ivoire

Over 7 million children crossing borders in West and Central Africa: UN

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'Tourism is key to African growth if it is nurtured'

Tourism in Africa can reduce poverty but the industry needs help to resist challenges from conflict, climate change and health emergencies, the UN said on Wednesday.

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“Digital giants” leading a “cautious” trade recovery: UNCTAD

The “digital giants” of the world economy are having a major impact but global flows of foreign direct investment remain well below their 2007 peak, before the global markets crashed.

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Virtual tool to deliver trade boost for poorer countries

The potential for growth in developing countries is enormous and the internet could make this a reality, UN trade agency UNCTAD, said on Tuesday.

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New agreement aims to streamline global trade

A new global agreement that makes trade cheaper, easier and faster has been welcomed by the UN trade body, UNCTAD.

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Kenyan designer has high hopes for Africa’s fashion industry

When it comes to fashion, interior design and art, Africa is “the place to be.”

That belief has been expressed by Kenyan designer Akinyi Odongo who is calling for greater assistance for creative people on the continent, particularly women.

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