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UNICEF volunteer, Rasa Pattikasemkul (centre), interacts with a young boy in a rare face-to-face meeting during the COVID-19 lockdown.
UNICEF/Nipattra Wilkes

First Person: COVID education is child’s play for Thai UN volunteer

An innovative initiative to provide child-friendly information about COVID-19 has been launched by a UN volunteer (UNV) in Thailand who recognized that children needed to know more about the dangers of the virus but also have fun learning at home during the lockdown. On International Volunteer Day marked annually on 5 December, UNICEF’s Rasa Pattikasemkul talks about motivation, family loss and keeping children safe.

UN News/Elizabeth Scaffidi

Celebrating the ‘power and potential’ of volunteerism

Volunteerism opens doors and impacts peace and development throughout local communities as well as on a national and global level, according to the chief of UN System Affairs and New York Office of UN Volunteers (UNV). 

Particularly for those excluded, it provides a concrete way to “impact their own lives and play a constructive role in their communities”, Naoual Driouich said, in an interview with UN News ahead of International Volunteer Day.


UN and Africa: Emergency Response Funding, Somalia's future, and a UN Volunteer from Kenya

More than two-thirds of emergency response fundinggoing to Africa

More than two-thirds of UN emergency response funding is still likely to go to alleviate humanitarian crisis in Africa.  That’s according to Chief of CERF, Lisa Doughten, who said after the recent annual pledging conference for 2018 at UN Headquarters that a total of $383 million had been registered for next year.  With funding this year likely to be the highest since CERF’s inception in 2006, she said next year’s total was especially important since global needs have “skyrocketed”.  A total of $22.5 billion is requ

UNAMID/Mohammad Mahady

Raising the profile of UN Volunteers in Sudan

Building roads, empowering young people and contributing to peace and development efforts: these are just some of the duties performed by more than 200 international and local volunteers working with the UN in Sudan.

Roughly half of these UN Volunteers are serving at the joint African Union-UN Mission in Darfur (UNAMID), in areas such as human rights, child protection and community stabilization.

UN Photo/Sylvain Liechti

Volunteering is "contagious"

“Volunteering” is contagious in a positive way according to a representative from a Kenya based organisation, who attended a UN-supported conference on volunteering, recently held in Mexico.

According to the UN, more than one billion people globally offer their time and experience for free every year.

Volunteerism is seen as a powerful means of tackling development challenges across the world.

Pierre-Marc Rene has been speaking to Fredrick Sabia.

Duration: 3’34”

UN Photo/Pierre Marc Rene

Volunteering should be “open to all”

Volunteerism is a basic form of “social expression” and should be open to anyone who wants to contribute to the social good.

That’s according to Geoffrey Prewitt, the Chief of Development Programming at UN Volunteers (UNV).

Globally, there are around 7000 UNVs, as they are known, working in approximately 130 countries.