UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants

World leaders to adopt more "humane" refugee and migrant policy

World leaders are preparing to adopt a more "humane" approach to dealing with large movements of refugee and migrants, a senior diplomat has confirmed.

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Kuwait urged to counter exploitation of domestic workers

Kuwait has been urged by an independent UN human rights expert to strengthen measures to prevent the exploitation and abuse of domestic workers.

Many of the foreign workers are trafficked for forced labour.

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Refugees without mobile and internet access lack a vital “lifeline”

Mobile phones and the internet can be key survival tools for refugees around the world, the UN says, but it’s found that many still do not have access to either.

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Europe urged to increase relocation of refugees and migrants

“Unnecessarily slow and challenging.”

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260,000 refugees add to challenges facing South Sudan

There are around 260,000 refugees from neighbouring countries living in camps around South Sudan, adding to the “enormous political, economic and social challenges” facing the world’s youngest country.

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