UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants

“Less refugees” if Indigenous land rights were respected

There would be “less refugees” and less environmental damage throughout the world if UN Member States properly respected the historic land rights of indigenous peoples.

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All children have the right to an education, urge former refugees

All children have a right to an education, two former refugees turned activists told global leaders during an event to debate the world’s greatest challenges.

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Refugee agreement “depends on Member States taking action”

The landmark declaration, to protect the world’s refugees and migrants reached at the UN on Monday “depends on Member States taking action” to make it a reality for around 65 million vulnerable people on the move.

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“Words no longer enough” when it comes to refugee crisis

Words are no longer enough when it comes to the biggest refugee and humanitarian crisis of our lifetime, a humanitarian activist has said.

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Emulate leadership of Tanzania in refugee policy

The international community has been urged by the UN to learn from refugee policies in Tanzania.

The East African country has a history of taking in refugees from regional conflicts, including in Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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Collective commitment to work together on refugees

There’s now a collective commitment within the international community to work together on the response to the global refugee and migrant crisis.

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Refugee response challenged by “sheer enormity” of problem

The global response to the refugee crisis is being challenged by the “sheer enormity” of the problem, according to a senior UN humanitarian official.

Some 65 million people around the world were displaced at the end of 2015.

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Palestinian pianist spreads positive message about refugees

A Palestinian man who escaped the conflict in Syria is using music to spread a positive message about refugees.

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Refugee petition represents “expression of solidarity”: UNHCR

A petition on behalf of the world’s refugees handed over to the UN Secretary-General on Friday represents an important “expression of solidarity”.

That’s the view of Filippo Grandi, High Commissioner for Refugees.

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World leaders to adopt more "humane" refugee and migrant policy

World leaders are preparing to adopt a more "humane" approach to dealing with large movements of refugee and migrants, a senior diplomat has confirmed.

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