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Israel/Palestine war crimes probe ‘momentous step forward’, says UN rights expert

An independent UN human rights expert hailed on Tuesday, the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) decision to consider a formal criminal investigation into allegations of war crimes in Palestine as a "momentous step forward in the quest for accountability" in the five-decade-long Israeli occupation.

News in Brief 23 November 2017 - Geneva (AM)

Philippines urged to stop attacks and killings in anti-drugs campaign

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'Peace, dialogue' and diplomacy needed over DPRK: UN expert

The Security Council has to be careful not to negatively impact “ordinary people” in North Korea through sanctions aimed at stopping its nuclear weapons programme.

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Eritrea’s future “is walking away” in refugee exodus says UN expert

Eritrea’s future is literally “walking away” in the form of young refugees fleeing the country.

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News in Brief 09 January 2017 (AM)

Prisoners of conscience in Iran “at risk of dying” warns UN expert

At least eight prisoners of conscience in Iran are “at risk of dying” while on hunger strike, the UN’s expert on human rights for the country has warned.

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Inequality behind food access discrepancy in Paraguay: Human rights expert

Despite a decade of impressive economic growth in Paraguay, 10 per cent of citizens there are facing hunger and malnutrition.

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Countries urged not to “turn back” on Afghanistan

Afghanistan is being asked to intensify efforts to meet the needs of hundreds of thousands of its citizens who have been displaced due to ongoing insecurity in the country.

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Attacks on medical facilities “shocking hallmark” of Syria crisis

Direct targeting of medical facilities and staff has become a “shocking hallmark” of the Syrian conflict.

That’s according to an international human rights expert, citing figures which show that more than 700 health workers have been killed since fighting broke out in March 2011.

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“Historic racial targeting” in the US is “dangerous” for peaceful assembly

The ‘historic racial targeting by police’ can be dangerous for citizens’ rights to peacefully assemble in the United States.

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Privatizing Liberia’s education “a gross violation” of rights

Outsourcing Liberia’s primary school system to a private company would be a “violation of the right to education.”

That’s the view of the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to education, Kishore Singh.

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