UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

No ‘disconnect’ between indigenous people and their land: FAO expert

The traditional knowledge indigenous people have about land and natural resources is key to preserving the world’s biodiversity, according to an expert with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

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Information is power for indigenous women of the Americas

Indigenous women from the Americas are creating their own media to tell their stories and preserve the traditional knowledge of their people.

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News in brief 26 April (PM)

Innovation turns problems into progress, UN says on World IP Day

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“Less refugees” if Indigenous land rights were respected

There would be “less refugees” and less environmental damage throughout the world if UN Member States properly respected the historic land rights of indigenous peoples.

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UN Gender Focus: safe birth, indigenous women and LGBTI community

Safe Birth” during emergencies campaign launched in Istanbul

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Indigenous Navigator: A tool to “revert injustice”

Indigenous people in six countries are piloting a tool to document violations of their rights.

The Indigenous Navigator, which is available online, will be used to gather data which can then be presented to governments and international bodies.

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A voice from the desert appeals for peace and unity

Borders established by colonial powers in North Africa created new nations but devastated the region’s indigenous people, according to an activist from Libya.

Akli Sh’kka said his people, the Tuareg, are still experiencing the fallout from what he characterises as a “crime.”

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Indigenous forum: An opportunity to engage and share

For 15 years, indigenous people from around the world have had a space where they can share their experiences and concerns.

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Role for indigenous in global sustainable future

The ability to “read” changes in weather patterns or in animal behaviour has saved indigenous communities from natural disasters for centuries.

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