UN Headquarters

Unsung language experts keep UN diplomats “on message”

If you thought the work of a UN translator was straightforward, then think again.

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UN brings economic, cultural and educational benefits to New York City

A new study has found that the UN brings significant economic, cultural and educational benefits to the people of New York City.

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Youth hold the “future of Africa” in their hands

Young people are the ones who hold the “future of Africa” in their hands.

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Steep learning curve for UN police officers

A steep learning curve faces United Nations police officers when they are stationed in a mission where the UN is providing support.

That’s the view of Maria Appelblom, chief of the organization’s Standing Police Capacity which is based in Italy.

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“Knotted Gun” sculptor remembered at UN

An iconic sculpture of a large gun, the barrel of which is tied in a knot, is the first thing that many visitors to United Nations headquarters in New York see as they enter the compound.

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UN Gender Focus: gender equality, SDGs and climate change

Geneva takes diplomatic approach to gender equality

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“Good riddance” and nostalgia over UN building demolition

The North Lawn at UN Headquarters, which was replaced six years ago with a temporary building, should be restored to its former glory by next spring.

That’s according to the man in charge of the demolition and restoration project, Assistant Secretary-General Stephen Cutts.

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“Creativity and flexibility” of UN mediators to resolve global conflicts

Creativity and flexibility; those are two of the qualities needed by the UN’s team of mediators who are sent around the world to help resolve some of today’s most intractable conflicts.

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“Redemptive success” of UN’s court for former Yugoslavia

A court which was set up to prosecute people for alleged war crimes during the Balkan wars of the 1990s has been described as a “redemptive success” for the United Nations.

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